“Painting is an incredible adventure that starts with an idea and a simple line,” 

Taryn Curiel, abstract watercolor painter.


Taryn grew up surrounded by art in Mexico City where she was born and raised. Her grandfather was a talented watercolor painter who greatly inspire her artistic desires. She learned primarily on her own through books and extensive practice. 

She went on to study fashion at El Instituto Technológico de la Moda and photography at  La Activa in Mexico City where she continued utilizing her creative mind.  In fashion, Taryn learned different techniques and studied the human figure. Photography helped her learn the important element of composition and cultivated her artistic vision.  


After her move to the U.S. and one year break from art making, she began her studies again. First with Bob Gerbracht to learn portrait and with Mike Bailey to learn about design and composition. Bailey has been a source of inspiration in teaching her on how to look at paint differently, how to better express herself and make more interesting works of art.


Now residing in Palo Alto, California, Taryn  is a member of the Santa Clara Valley Watercolor Society (SCVWS) and a signature member of  the California Watercolor Association. She’s earned herself a several awards including a first place people choice award win at the SCVWS annual show in 2010 and member’s book awards in California Watercolor Association. The artist’s work was also featured in the Viewpoint Gallery in 2012 for her titled collection,  “Seen Through Lines,” and in early 2014 for collection, “Transitions.”


Although full of life along with a colorful personality, Taryn projects a different kind of energy into her paintings.  Each piece communicates an emotional, personal narrative and she hopes to build a connection with her viewer through her dark mysticism.

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